The 40th anniversary of Salons Industriels

The industrial event where decision makers from all over the province converge is waiting for you. Many surprises and impressive demonstrations await visitors and exhibitors in 2023. Presented every two years, the SIQ is the business meeting you can’t miss to meet clients, distributors, suppliers, and subcontractors.



Why Quebec City?

Groupe Pageau has been organizing this event in Quebec City for over 40 years. Quebec City has 15 industrial parks, 4 innovation spaces, 5 industrial zones, 3 port zones and an airport zone.

These zones and parks are occupied by companies from various sectors such as public services, industrial and commercial services, construction, distribution, transportation, and warehousing.

All are equipped with modern facilities and served by a network of highways that bring markets, workers, and suppliers closer together.

The SIQ in numbers

  • An average of 6,500 visitors per edition
  • 15 expert conferences and networking events
  • 600 companies represented
  • 125,000 square feet of exhibition space

Role and origin of visitors

  • 85% of visitors have a direct influence on purchases
  • 48% of visitors are from Quebec City
  • 52% of visitors come from the surrounding regions, from New Brunswick to Ontario


The Industrial Shows combine expert demonstrations, networking, and new technologies. Since 1984, our shows have been organized throughout Quebec to allow regional and provincial companies to showcase their expertise.

Thank you to our partner

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