Dynamic flow simulation: decision support tool for production management


** Event in French Only ** Conference offered by Élise Arnal, Manager Technique, Inoprod, and Jean-Philippe St-Laurent, Director of Business Development, Inoprod. Inoprod is an engineering firm specializing in industrial performance.

The success of an industrial project requires good strategic planning that cannot suffer from an error of analysis.

In this conference, we will see how dynamic flow simulation, a decision-making tool for production management, makes it possible to control industrial investment decisions thanks to reliable performance indicators. In contexts of anticipation of new industrial organization, optimization of existing production system or to manage a production system on a daily basis, it becomes important to understand the issues and analyze the different possible solutions to consider.

In this sense, flow simulation makes it possible to study and validate, from a numerical model, different scenarios of variants and hypotheses and to measure the impacts they would have had on a real production system.

This free conference is offered as part of the Salon Industriel de Terrebonne. No reservation required. However, make sure you are pre-registered to visit the show!

Conférence gratuite d'Élise Arnal et Jean-Philippe St-Laurent d'Inoprod, firme d’ingénierie spécialisée en performance industrielle le 19 octobre 2023 à Terrebonne