Cybersecurity for manufacturers – Understanding the risks and especially the solutions


** Event in French only ** Conference offered by Dr. Karim Ganame, PhD, GCIH, GCIA, CSSP et Founder, Researcher and Cybersecurity Expert at StreamScan and Karine Brisson, Director of Strategic Growth & Sales | Manufacturing at StreamScan

The manufacturing industry was the most targeted by cyberattacks in 2021. It is ahead of the financial sector that was previously the most targeted. Thus, 23.2% of the attacks concerned the manufacturing sector.

The cybersecurity firm StreamScan specializes in cybersecurity for manufacturers and explains why manufacturing companies are especially at risk of computer attacks.

We will also discuss the impacts of cyberattacks. Finally, we will present what are the solutions to reduce the risk of piracy in the manufacturing sector.

This conference is aimed at cybersecurity or information technology managers wishing to improve their level of computer security.

During the presentation, the Streamscan team will discuss the following topics:

● StreamScan presentation
● Evolution of cyberattacks and types of attacks
● ABC of Cybersecurity
● Safety issues in the manufacturing sector
● Industry 4.0 and cybersecurity risks
● TOP 5 Cybersecurity Risks in Manufacturing
● Cyber defense of manufacturing environments
● Anti-ransomware strategies
● Where to start to protect a manufacturing environment
● Questions period

Dr Karim Ganame

Doctor in computer security, Karim Ganame has 18 years of experience in IT, including 16 in the field of information security.

After working for several years as a senior information security advisor in large companies, he founded the company StreamScan.

With a strong focus on R&D and innovation, StreamScan has brought to market Quebec’s first computer intrusion detection system (SDI). This tool, called CDS, uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect anomalies and next-generation cyber threats that target traditional computer networks (IT) as well as manufacturing/industrial environments (OT, IOT). The cyber threats detected by the CDS are then automatically blocked in order to minimize their impacts.  StreamScan’s CDS has been selected as an innovation by the federal government of Canada.

This free conference is offered as part of the Salon Industriel de Québec. No reservation required. However, make sure you are pre-registered to visit the show!