How to optimize decision-making by building a data-driven business


** Event in French only** Conference offered by Marie-Josée Sauriol, Business Development Specialist and Eric Murray, Director of AI Innovation | BI, Senior Business Technology Advisor for Kezber

This conference highlights the importance of business intelligence for the success of a modern business. In a world where data is ubiquitous, it has become essential for companies to use it optimally to make informed decisions and remain competitive.

This conference will therefore address the different aspects of business intelligence, focusing on optimizing business efficiency through data-driven decision-making. Participants will learn how to use data to make effective decisions, how to transform their business into a data-driven business, and how to maximize the benefits of this approach.

In addition, attendees will learn about the latest technologies and tools for collecting, storing, analyzing and visualizing data. They will also have the opportunity to interact with business intelligence experts and other industry professionals to get practical advice on implementing an effective business intelligence strategy for their business.

In short, this conference will be a unique opportunity for professionals to discover the latest trends and best practices in business intelligence, in order to improve the efficiency of their company and optimize their decision-making.

Biography: Marie-Josée Sauriol, Business Development Specialist. Immersed in the world of technology since her earliest childhood, Marie-Josée is a true chameleon when it comes to discovering and adapting to new market developments. His computer understanding and his ability to popularize it allow him to be an indispensable ally when it comes to understanding the needs of his customers.

Biography: Eric Murray, Director of AI Innovation | BI, Senior Business Technology Advisor. Passionate about innovation, Eric has 17 years in application development combined with three MIT training courses on the involvement of artificial intelligence in business strategies, machine learning in business and data analysis for the improvement of decision-making.

This free conference is offered as part of the Salon Industriel de l’Estrie. No reservation required. However, make sure you are pre-registered to visit the show!

Conférence gratuite de Marie-Josée Sauriol et Eric Murray de Kezber sur l'importance des données de l'intelligence artificielle en entreprise