Brand new for 2018!

There are now two options to easily recover the essential information about the people who had the good idea to visit your booth at the Quebec Industrial Show!

Since this data is vital for your follow-ups and your leads, we offer you these two alternatives to optimize your experience and your presence at our Show.

You can rent an optical drive (scanner) on site or download our new (and free) mobile application on your device (iOs and Android compatible).

Optical reader

  • $175 for the first
  • $100 each additional device
  • Recevez la liste complète de vos scans à la fin du Salon en remettant le lecteur à la billetterie


Mobile application

Download the Free Trade Shows App on your phone or tablet (“Salons Industriels”)
Available for Apple (iOs Apple Store) and Android (Google Play Store)

  • $175 valid for 3 devices (phone or tablet)
  • $25 per additional device (phone or tablet)
  • Works without an Internet network
  • Transfer can be done as soon as you have network
  • Update your list live

Specify your choice and the number of devices, if any, on your purchase order please.