A Highly Anticipated First Edition

On the eve of its fortieth anniversary, Groupe Pageau is proud to present the very first edition of the Terrebonne Industrial Show, covering the entire area of the greater Montreal area!
Voici tous les exposants du Salon Industriel de Terrebonne 2023! À quelques secondes de l'ouverture, nous vous attendons!


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Why the SIT

  • 6000 visitors expected
  • 400 companies represented
  • 10 expert conferences
  • Networking activities

An Overview of the Region

  • 9 industrial and business parks covering the territories of Terrebonne and Mascouche
  • 1 institutional pole regrouping the Centre de formation professionnelle des Moulins, the Cégep de Terrebonne, the Lanaudière campus of the UQAM and the Cité des sports.
  • 5 key sectors: metal products, plastics, machinery, automation, construction products.
  • +1000 industrial companies.

In order to increase business opportunities, the Salon Industriel will cover the vast territory of the Montreal, Laval, Lanaudière and Laurentides regions.


The Industrial Shows combine expert demonstrations, networking, and new technologies. Since 1984, our shows have been organized throughout Quebec to allow regional and provincial companies to showcase their expertise.

The first Salon Industriel Show covering the large territory of the metropolis will be presented in Terrebonne on October 18 and 19, 2023

The Industrial Shows team will appear for the first time in forty years on the great territory of the Metropolis by presenting the Terrebonne Industrial Show at the Terrebonne Expo Center, in the MCR des Moulins.

Embracing the Laurentides, Lanaudière, Montreal and Montérégie markets, SIT2023 will be the meeting place par excellence for all prime contractors, managers and workers in the provincial industrial and manufacturing sectors! More than 400 exhibitors and companies will welcome thousands of visitors from across the province.

SIT2023 will also be a place for networking and demonstrations aimed at developing business relationships and employment. It will also be a place of learning through a host of expert conferences where all entrepreneurs and workers will be able to develop their knowledge.

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Teachers and Trainers

Teachers and Pro's, register your students now!
Introduce your students to the industrial and manufacturing sectors!

Plan your visit with your group of students and attend free expert lectures on exhibition days! Encourage your students now to develop networking opportunities and opportunities to meet workers, maybe even meet their future employer!

You can register your group directly via the booking process, in the Teacher and Trainer registration menu; where a menu to enter the names of the students will open. You can also contact us by attaching the list of your students so that we can proceed with registrations. Then, when the deadline allows, you will receive the badges in the mail!


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Free Conferences For You

From cybersecurity to customer relations, automation, and human resources reinforcements, take advantage of this wealth of free information on the various issues in our market and the solutions offered! A unique opportunity, since all the actors are on site!
Programmation des conférences gratuites du Salon Industriel de Terrebonne



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