The reliability of measurements = A productivity lever for industrial companies


** Event in French only ** Conference offered by Yoann Donat, Business Development Manager at Deltamu

Deltamu provides a complete offer to reduce costs and save time by optimizing the management of measuring instruments and calibration periodicities.

At the origin of Smart Metrology, Deltamu is also an industry 4.0 partner of excellence. For 25 years our customers have been gaining both productivity and skills.

In this conference we will address some essential questions to ask yourself to take stock of the management of measuring instruments in your factory.

Optimize calibration or how to save time and reduce costs? What standards and measurement issues say in industry – What is the purpose of calibration? How to define the periodicities? Dashboards for monitoring objectives and KPIs.

Presentation of the tools available: our education/training platform (Digital Academy), metrology software (Optimu), diagnostics.

Presentation of a customer case: Optimization of calibration frequencies and return on investment.

This free conference is offered as part of the Salon Industriel de l’Estrie. No reservation required. However, make sure you are pre-registered to visit the show!

Conférence gratuite de Yoann Donat de Deltamu, sur la gestion des instruments de mesure dans votre usine. Sherbrooke, mai 2023