What if your next competitor was a software company?


** Event in French only ** Conference offered by Guillaume Duchesneau, Chief Technology Officer, INGENO

Would you be able to compete and transform your business quickly? Does your software development team have the velocity as well as the ability to adapt quickly?

Many of our achievements are at risk and many local companies will not survive the next 5 years. The threat goes through techno, scarcity and the exodus of talent, and even goes as far as our own immobility.

The majority of companies have gone digital, but the traditional approach to business process optimization is no longer enough.

In this conference, Guillaume Duchesneau will share why it is critical to invest in a high-performance software development practice. He will also explain how to excel in software development and compete with your next competitor.

This free conference is offered as part of the Salon Industriel de Québec. No reservation required. However, make sure you are pre-registered to visit the show!